Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.2.0 - HTML format

New Feature

  • [KITE-3] - Add build support for jdiff
  • [KITE-9] - Support data stored in Parquet
  • [KITE-14] - Add support for dropping partitions
  • [KITE-19] - Support an HCatalog metadata provider
  • [KITE-22] - Generate source jars in addition to javadoc


  • [KITE-8] - Complete the data module reference guide
  • [KITE-11] - Add basic javadoc to the data module exceptions


  • [KITE-4] - Allow specification of DatasetDescriptor schema by Java class
  • [KITE-5] - Define explicit exception types rather than using IOException
  • [KITE-6] - Add convenience builder method to create a FileSystemDatasetRepository from a URI
  • [KITE-10] - Combine cdk-parent into top level cdk pom
  • [KITE-12] - Create how to add a module doc
  • [KITE-15] - Provide an accessor for MetadataProvider on FileSystemDatasetRepository
  • [KITE-16] - Validate args to FileSystemDatasetRepository
  • [KITE-17] - Annotate experimental field partitioners with @Beta
  • [KITE-18] - Remove use of deprecated Closeables.closeQuietly()

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