Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.3.0 - HTML format


  • [KITE-13] - Doxia markdown parser doesn't handle quotes properly
  • [KITE-28] - OOME in TestFileSystemDataset
  • [KITE-52] - Standalone logging example does not produce output
  • [KITE-54] - Crunch dataset sources only read first file in directory

New Feature

  • [KITE-20] - Flume sink for datasets
  • [KITE-32] - Add example showing event logging from a webapp
  • [KITE-33] - Allow Dataset schemas to be updated
  • [KITE-36] - Add Crunch source and target for datasets.
  • [KITE-37] - Add an end-to-end example for CDK


  • [KITE-25] - Put examples in a separate github repo
  • [KITE-26] - Add a page documenting the Maven dependencies
  • [KITE-27] - Mark optional dependencies as such


  • [KITE-30] - Support (programmatic) configuration of Flume logging by dataset
  • [KITE-31] - Parquet format should use Snappy compression by default
  • [KITE-39] - Update examples to configure Flume by dataset
  • [KITE-49] - Improve explanation of what CDK is on first page
  • [KITE-51] - Allow examples to be run against an arbitrary cluster


  • [KITE-42] - Add date partitioning functions
  • [KITE-43] - The Flume Log4j appender should respect dataset partitions
  • [KITE-44] - Allow specification of a partition key in Crunch dataset source
  • [KITE-45] - HCatalogMetadataProvider should respect dataset partitions
  • [KITE-50] - Partition events dataset by date in the end-to-end demo

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