Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.4.0 - HTML format


  • [KITE-57] - Zero-pad date field values in dataset paths
  • [KITE-58] - Use UTC in date partitioning
  • [KITE-65] - Link near top of is outdated

New Feature

  • [KITE-41] - Use date partitioning in the end-to-end demo
  • [KITE-62] - Add Morphlines module


  • [KITE-59] - Change packages to com.cloudera.cdk
  • [KITE-63] - Change maven group IDs to com.cloudera.cdk


  • [KITE-60] - Add an API to convert a partition path into a partition key


  • [KITE-53] - Add an Oozie coordinator workflow to run session generation whenever a new events partition is closed
  • [KITE-61] - Create Data submodules for Crunch and HCatalog

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