Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.7.0 - HTML format


  • [KITE-80] - Snappy tests fail on Java 7 on OSX
  • [KITE-93] - Add links for cdk-morphlines-saxon and cdk-morphlines-json to dependency page
  • [KITE-127] - MultiFileDatasetReader must check format

New Feature

  • [KITE-103] - Add toByteArray morphline command
  • [KITE-104] - The "outputField" parameter of the "split" morphline command should also support a list of output column names
  • [KITE-105] - Add extractURIComponent command that is the same as the extractURIComponents command, except that only one component is extracted.
  • [KITE-106] - Add splitKeyValue command
  • [KITE-129] - Upgrade cdk-morphlines-saxon module from saxon-HE-9.5.1-1 to saxon-HE-9.5.1-2


  • [KITE-21] - Upgrade to Avro 1.7.5
  • [KITE-64] - Write integration tests using CDK examples


  • [KITE-102] - CDK morphline all POM should bring in tika as well
  • [KITE-121] - DatasetReader should implement Iterator/Iterable and Closeable
  • [KITE-122] - Push Closeable, Flushable into DatasetWriter
  • [KITE-128] - Implement proposed API changes from cdk-dev discussion

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