Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.8.0 - HTML format


  • [KITE-123] - HCatalogMetadataProvider leaks a reference to its internal data directory, which changes.
  • [KITE-149] - Ensure morphline commands can refer to record field names containing arbitrary characters
  • [KITE-154] - CDK should not have a compile dependency on slf4j-log4j12
  • [KITE-157] - Compilation failing with Java 7 and -Werror
  • [KITE-158] - ISO8601_TIMEZONE grok pattern should allow omission of minutes in timezone offset
  • [KITE-160] - Upgrade cdk-morphlines-core maven module from to 0.2.3
  • [KITE-162] - mvn site site:stage error with relative base URI
  • [KITE-168] - Error when trying to delete a dataset
  • [KITE-169] - mvn cdk:create-dataset fails for hcatalog datasets
  • [KITE-170] - Permissions error when creating an HCatalog dataset with external tables

New Feature

  • [KITE-133] - Add option to specify boost values to loadSolr command
  • [KITE-134] - Add morphline command for transferring HDFS files
  • [KITE-144] - Support loading of dataset repositories from URIs
  • [KITE-148] - Add morphline commands that support publishing the metrics of all morphline commands to JMX, SLF4J and CSV files
  • [KITE-163] - Add URIs for Hive managed and external
  • [KITE-164] - Add option for commands to register health checks (not just metrics) with the MorphlineContext
  • [KITE-165] - Add cdk-morphlines-metrics-servlets maven module with new `startReportingMetricsToHTTP` command that exposes liveness status, health check status, metrics state and thread dumps via a set of HTTP URIs served by Jetty, using the AdminServlet
  • [KITE-166] - Add registerJVMMetrics command that registers metrics related to the Java Virtual Machine


  • [KITE-152] - Remove methods deprecated in 0.7.0


  • [KITE-47] - Add type information to field partitioners
  • [KITE-139] - Add location to DatasetDescriptor
  • [KITE-143] - extractAvroPaths morphline command should return a standard java String object wherever it currently returns an Avro Utf8 object
  • [KITE-147] - Deprecate constructors
  • [KITE-151] - Upgrade cdk-morphlines-solr-cell to tika-1.4
  • [KITE-155] - AbstractCommand should know about the CommandBuilder that created it
  • [KITE-156] - Use command name as a prefix for metrics
  • [KITE-159] - Add a registration system to URI instantiation
  • [KITE-161] - Add custom properties to DatasetDescriptors
  • [KITE-173] - Exclude unnecessary hadoop dependencies from cdk-morphlines-solr-core

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