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  • [KITE-126] - ColumnEncoder/Decoder issues
  • [KITE-130] - Entity schema migration fails when adding a second subfield with a default
  • [KITE-190] - Make xquery and xslt commands compatible with woodstox-3.2.7
  • [KITE-208] - Deprecate DatasetDescriptor#format(String)
  • [KITE-211] - Need to track HBase dataset reader and writer state
  • [KITE-228] - readSequenceFile command should not reuse the identity of Hadoop Writeable objects
  • [KITE-242] - Race condition on parallel initialization of multiple solr morphlines within the same JVM
  • [KITE-245] - Delete of a record from an HBase Dataset will delete the entire system column family, which will destroy needed metadata if more than one dataset is defined for the table
  • [KITE-250] - Can't connect to Hive metastore in demo example


  • [KITE-108] - Add HBC module to the CDK

New Feature

  • [KITE-75] - Write Parquet datasets from Crunch
  • [KITE-87] - Add cdk:help Maven goal
  • [KITE-110] - Create HBase module example
  • [KITE-175] - Add schema translation from Avro to Hive columns
  • [KITE-178] - Add Maven plugin for managing HBase schemas
  • [KITE-179] - Support lookup of HBaseDatasetRepository by URI
  • [KITE-189] - Add ability to read CSV datasets
  • [KITE-218] - Support schema updates for Hive/HCatalog dataset repositories
  • [KITE-226] - Add option to fail the following commands if an URI is syntactically invalid: extractURIComponents, extractURIComponents, extractURIQueryParameters
  • [KITE-227] - Add morphline command that returns Maxmind Geolocation information for a given IP address
  • [KITE-230] - Add morphline command that parses a user agent string and returns structured higher level data like user agent family, operating system, version, and device type
  • [KITE-234] - Add command that converts a morphline record to an Avro record
  • [KITE-237] - Add utility to nicely indent and format a morphline config file
  • [KITE-243] - Add morphline command that serializes Avro records into a byte array


  • [KITE-109] - Update HBC package naming to confirm to CDK standards
  • [KITE-111] - Migrate HBC docs to conform to CDK standards
  • [KITE-112] - Define HBase module public API and adjust visibility accordingly
  • [KITE-120] - Review and validate the supported HBase module mapping functionality
  • [KITE-145] - Enforce schemas that share a table don't clash in columns
  • [KITE-180] - On put, validate that key fields on the entity are set to a value
  • [KITE-181] - On composite entity put, validate that each entity type has the same key value
  • [KITE-182] - Migrating Avro schemas in HBase should validate that the key fields don't change
  • [KITE-183] - Schema creation and migration should validate that key fields of entity schemas that belong to same table match
  • [KITE-196] - Unify HBase exceptions with Dataset exceptions
  • [KITE-199] - Remove valueToString/valueFromString methods on FieldPartitioner
  • [KITE-204] - Change Builder#get to Builder#build
  • [KITE-229] - Add documentation for counter mapping type
  • [KITE-235] - Remove methods deprecated in 0.8.0


  • [KITE-114] - Update HBase module to use SLF4J rather than Log4J
  • [KITE-116] - Make EntityManager generic functionality across all serialization plugins
  • [KITE-119] - Unify the HBase module metadata support with the MetadataProvider interface
  • [KITE-136] - EntityScanner/Batch should implement Closeable/Flushable
  • [KITE-137] - Align EntityScanner and DatasetReader
  • [KITE-138] - Unify HBC public API with Data API
  • [KITE-141] - Fields that can be incremented with HBase's atomic increment or Accumulo's aggregators need to have a special anntoation
  • [KITE-171] - Use DatasetRepositories in examples
  • [KITE-172] - Upgrade from upstream solr-4.4 to upstream solr-4.5
  • [KITE-193] - DatasetAccessor OCC delete method does not need a partition key
  • [KITE-194] - HelloWorld Style Example for CDK
  • [KITE-197] - Make Dataset a generic type
  • [KITE-202] - FileSystemDatasetWriter should flush to HDFS
  • [KITE-207] - Formats should support a fromString() method
  • [KITE-213] - Update CDK maven and CDK tools to use URI-based repository instantiation
  • [KITE-214] - Support specification of DatasetRepository by URI in Log4jAppender
  • [KITE-215] - Allow specification of hive.metastore.uris as a part of Hive DatasetRepository URIs
  • [KITE-216] - Allow schema to be specified by classname in Maven plugin


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