Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.11.0 - HTML format


  • [KITE-249] - Hive partitions are not created in the metastore
  • [KITE-260] - DateFormatPartitioner is not included in the partition expression builder.
  • [KITE-262] - Tika parsers used by solrCell morphline command should not depend on the default Java locale
  • [KITE-266] - Fix file naming
  • [KITE-269] - Fix schema error message in Log4jAppender
  • [KITE-273] - Flume Log4jAppender produces spurious batch size warning
  • [KITE-282] - readRCFile command is broken
  • [KITE-284] - Hive partition locations are incorrect
  • [KITE-286] - Upgrade kite-morphlines-saxon module from Saxon-HE-9.5.1-3 to Saxon-HE-9.5.1-4
  • [KITE-288] - CalendarFieldPartitioner classes are Immutable, but not thread-safe
  • [KITE-290] - solrCell morphline command fails with Tika RFC822Parser if log4j TRACE mode is enabled and multiple MIME parts are contained in the message
  • [KITE-300] - SolrLocator should delete the tmp dir that it creates as soon as possible, not just on VM exit
  • [KITE-301] - PartitionStrategy constructor allows partitioners that cannot be used
  • [KITE-302] - Cardinality hint in ListFieldPartitioner is wrong

New Feature

  • [KITE-177] - Add views API
  • [KITE-267] - Add morphline command that parses an Avro Parquet file
  • [KITE-277] - Add flume DatasetSink


  • [KITE-107] - Upgrade to CDH 4.4.0
  • [KITE-280] - Remove kite-flume-avro-event-serializer
  • [KITE-309] - Remove methods deprecated in 0.10.0
  • [KITE-329] - Add maven plugin to check binary compatibility


  • [KITE-224] - Flume layout partitioning should be configured automatically
  • [KITE-256] - update the version numbers in the "Usage in your Maven Project" snippets from 0.8.1 to 0.10.0 in the kite-morphlines docs
  • [KITE-263] - Upgrade kite-morphlines-json module from jackson-databind-2.2.1 to jackson-databind-2.3.1
  • [KITE-271] - Add "addEmptyStrings" parameter to readCSV morphline command to indicate whether or not to add zero length strings to the output field.
  • [KITE-274] - Upgrade kite-morphlines-metrics-servlets module from jetty-8.1.13.v20130916 to jetty-8.1.14.v20131031
  • [KITE-275] - Upgrade to Crunch 0.9.0
  • [KITE-285] - Remove auxiliary dependency of kite-morphlines-hadoop-core on commons-io
  • [KITE-287] - Grok command should support loading dictionaries from classpath resources
  • [KITE-294] - package-app should default and mapred.job.tracker to injected Oozie properties
  • [KITE-295] - Default generated workflow to use the same namenode and job tracker as Oozie
  • [KITE-296] - Upgrade kite-morphlines-solr-* modules from solr-4.6.0 to solr-4.6.1
  • [KITE-305] - splitKeyValue morphline command should also support multi-character separators as well as a regex separators

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