Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.12.1 - HTML format


  • [KITE-200] - Demo logging servlet conflicts with YARN service on port 8080
  • [KITE-223] - HCatalogManagedMetadataProvider does not respect filesystem configuration
  • [KITE-261] - Valid FieldPartitioners can cause MetaStore errors
  • [KITE-289] - Update from CDK to Kite with existing HBase tables fails
  • [KITE-328] - Avoid using singleton hive metastore client concurrently
  • [KITE-365] - Travis CI for hadoop-1 fails while initializing MiniDFSCluster


  • [KITE-153] - Update translation between Hive and CDK partitioning
  • [KITE-252] - Configure Log4j to avoid warnings
  • [KITE-369] - Update IllegalArgumentExceptions to NullPointerException where necessary.


  • [KITE-201] - Create mini clusters to run integration tests against
  • [KITE-371] - Semantics of DatasetRepository.delete Are Unclear in Documentation


  • [KITE-46] - Validate dataset name and names in Avro schemas
  • [KITE-370] - Add compatibility checks to kite-data-hbase.

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