Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.18.0 - HTML format


  • [KITE-372] - Fix exception consistency and use DatasetIOException
  • [KITE-581] - Test against Java 8
  • [KITE-742] - kite-dataset csv-import|copy|transform don't work on CDH5.2
  • [KITE-750] - Fix unit tests when using JDK8
  • [KITE-857] - Update repo after migrating maven content to jekyll
  • [KITE-858] - CLI copy results in IncompatibleClassChangeException in Avro
  • [KITE-863] - Deprecate DatasetWriter#flush and #sync
  • [KITE-864] - Add Exception for bad records
  • [KITE-870] - mvn site nomore works
  • [KITE-871] - Expose CSVFileReader in the SPI
  • [KITE-872] - Add JSON as a read-only format
  • [KITE-874] - Kite CLI csv-import HDFS temp file path not multiuser safe
  • [KITE-875] - Flume configuration helper should default agent to "agent"
  • [KITE-882] - Fix potential divide-by-zero bug in file readers
  • [KITE-883] - geoIP throws NullPointerException when IP is not found
  • [KITE-888] - Improve CSV and JSON errors
  • [KITE-889] - Add CSVRecordParser constructor for type, schema without view
  • [KITE-895] - Incorrect Encoding of UTF8 Strings
  • [KITE-897] - TestInputFormatKeyReader fails
  • [KITE-904] - Remove anything deprecated in 0.17.0
  • [KITE-906] - HBase tests fail with HBase 0.99


  • [KITE-763] - Make csv-schema command more flexible

New Feature

  • [KITE-487] - Add a tool to copy local files (or a tarball) into an Avro dataset
  • [KITE-733] - Add morphline support for deleting documents stored in Solr by unique id and by query
  • [KITE-737] - Add optional ability to send a commit to Solr whenever loadSolr morphline command receives a COMMIT_TRANSACTION event
  • [KITE-803] - Add ability to register custom extension functions with xquery and xslt morphline commands
  • [KITE-896] - Upgrade to solr-4.10.3


  • [KITE-677] - Translate Hive DDL to schema for STORED AS AVRO
  • [KITE-731] - Add nbactions.xml to .gitignore and rat excludes for users of Netbeans
  • [KITE-751] - Update Kite-SDK Docs front page content for 0.18.0 release
  • [KITE-753] - Move current guide to new organization.
  • [KITE-910] - Release Kite 0.18.0


  • [KITE-523] - Document advanced configuration options
  • [KITE-673] - Enforce dataset name is alphanumeric (plus _) for filesystem datasets
  • [KITE-730] - Make javadoc JAR workaround consistent
  • [KITE-734] - Upgrade maxmind-db from version 0.3.3 to 1.0.0
  • [KITE-741] - Enable Morphline job drivers to send a commit to Solr on Job success
  • [KITE-770] - Improve resource cleanup for clients of SolrLocator
  • [KITE-867] - Need to add a info level log to document the output file from the FileSystemWriter to help with linage
  • [KITE-879] - Remove use of Jackson 1 API
  • [KITE-885] - Fix writer state machine for runtime exceptions and error handling


  • [KITE-188] - Add compatibility to wrap existing data sets.
  • [KITE-259] - Shade Guava dependency
  • [KITE-766] - Add option to specify column headers as a command line switch to the csv-schema command
  • [KITE-844] - Update delete command to delete views

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