Release Notes - Kite SDK (READ-ONLY) - Version 0.17.1 - HTML format


  • [KITE-729] - Update github:site-maven-plugin to 0.10
  • [KITE-735] - Crunch-based MapReduce fails when writing to a View with provided values
  • [KITE-742] - kite-dataset csv-import|copy|transform don't work on CDH5.2
  • [KITE-750] - Fix unit tests when using JDK8
  • [KITE-759] - Links to Kite Tools Documentation Yield HTTP 404 Errors
  • [KITE-761] - Embedded example data from csv-schema causes MetaStore failures
  • [KITE-785] - Improve the error message when Hive URIs can't be loaded
  • [KITE-787] - Creating Two Datasets with Same Name in Different Databases Fails
  • [KITE-790] - Add uncompressed to Parquet and Avro supported compression types
  • [KITE-791] - Schema validations should allow fields prefixed with an underscore
  • [KITE-796] - Arguments parsed by ToolRunner are not picked up by URI code in the CLI
  • [KITE-798] - Documentation for DatasetRepositories Incorrect
  • [KITE-802] - Backport AVRO-1604 fix
  • [KITE-840] - CLI tests are flaky from CDK-796
  • [KITE-848] - Move maven markdown pages and redirects to kite-docs
  • [KITE-856] - Release changes.

New Feature

  • [KITE-733] - Add morphline support for deleting documents stored in Solr by unique id and by query
  • [KITE-737] - Add optional ability to send a commit to Solr whenever loadSolr morphline command receives a COMMIT_TRANSACTION event
  • [KITE-803] - Add ability to register custom extension functions with xquery and xslt morphline commands


  • [KITE-731] - Add nbactions.xml to .gitignore and rat excludes for users of Netbeans
  • [KITE-806] - Release 0.17.1


  • [KITE-730] - Make javadoc JAR workaround consistent
  • [KITE-734] - Upgrade maxmind-db from version 0.3.3 to 1.0.0
  • [KITE-741] - Enable Morphline job drivers to send a commit to Solr on Job success
  • [KITE-770] - Improve resource cleanup for clients of SolrLocator
  • [KITE-788] - Move examples integration tests into examples modules


  • [KITE-443] - Add required option to CSV schema inference
  • [KITE-767] - Default nullable fields to null in csv-schema
  • [KITE-797] - Read CSV fields by header, if present
  • [KITE-799] - CSV should support escape sequences for delimiter and escape characters.
  • [KITE-800] - Improve CSV schema validation
  • [KITE-801] - Numeric CSV fields should throw exceptions with invalid data

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